longterm photography projects

my longterm photography projects

Currently I’m running on two different longterm projects. The Vierlanden project and the Harbourcity project.

Both, the Vierlande as well as the Harbourcity, are regions (Vierlande) respectively districts (Harbourcity) of my hometown of Hamburg. Vierlande is a part of the greater region “Vier- and Marschlande” which itself belongs to Bergedorf, a county (parish) within Hamburg.

Born in Hamburg I’ve been living in the area of Vier- and Marschlande for nearly 30 years now. It is a rural area and if you’re there as a visitor you won’t have any idea about that you are still in Hamburg unless you know definitely about the fact. Even citizens of Hamburg occasionally wonders if they are still in the city or not.

The Harbourcity ist the youngest district of Hamburg. The Elbphilharmonie ist situated there as well as the historic “Speicherstadt“. This district is still under construction and when all there will have been finished, the nearby district Kleiner Grasbrook will be build up, my future longterm project.

Both areas, the Vierlande and the Harbourcity are very different but connected with each other by the rivers Elbe and Dove-Elbe. Due to I’m very keen on maritime issues, I stuck on shooting again and again in that areas at some point.

A collection of prints you’ll find in the galleries Vierlande and Harbourcity.