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My name is Marcus and I’m from Hamburg, the nicest city in the world at the river Elbe. I’m 54 years old and a photographer for more than 30 years. In fact I’m a trained photographer. But my instructors had no idea how to take pictures and so the taught me something else than how to photograph. So it was on me to teach myself photography.

I’m producing thousands of photos in my studio every year. Most of them are digital ones. But the last months I’ve made some analogue as well. I can turn my studio into a darkroom where I develope films and prints. Even if digital imaging leads to more results (you can shoot pictures very fast and you’re limited only by your data storage), analog photography can result in better images. Because you need to consider more carefull the composition of the image.

I’ve focused on architecture ans landscape photography. But more and more I’m shooting portraits.

Each man need goals. Therefore I’m working on three projects.

My first one is the Vierlandenproject. The Vier- und Marschlande is a region in the south-east of Hamburg cinsisting of Vierlande and Marschlande. It’s a rural area within the City of Hamburg. Far away from urban life. I’m living in the area and therefore I decided to portrait the region. I’ve started with that in summer 2016 with an open end.

My second project is the Harbourcityproject. It is nearly the same like my first project. I portrait the Harbourcity whenever I’m there. And that’s very often because its a lovely area with old storage buildings. The highlight of that district is the new concert hall, the Elbphilharmonie.

Last month, in September 2017, the Senate of Hamburg has released its plan to rebuild the area Kleiner Grasbrook. It’s an area were the Olympic Summer Games 2024 should have taken place in case of being hostcity of the games. But the people of Hamburg knocked down such ideas in a referendum in 2015. When I learned about the Senate plan to rebuild the Grasbrook I decided to make a documentatiuon about the alteration.


Marcus Lippert

contact: marcus@schuppen24.de

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